What is WaredB2B ?

The first company in the region to provide B2B distribution service in an innovative way that gives you the lowest possible price for the product without being restricted to a certain amount of it, with postpaid possibility, as well as fast and free delivery.

Why WaredB2B?

The rapid developments in the digital world and the shift to e-commerce to keep pace with the needs of the market, made owners of small and medium enterprises, especially retail establishments, suffer from several problems; the most important of which are:

1-Lack of liquidity to manage their facilities and cover their needs of goods and products.

2-Lack of experience in inventory management. With waredb2b, the facility will not need to keep a stock of products, which exposes the facility to many risks resulting from poor procurement management. With waredb2b, you will be able to purchase in the lowest possible quantity that suits the needs of the facility.

When you use waredb2b, you will save a lot of time and effort and guarantee the lowest possible price. WaredB2B helps you solve all these problems by providing an innovative method to manage the facility through:





What does waredB2B offer ?

Great Customer Service

Excellent and fast customer service aimed at your satisfaction

Free same day Delivery

Free door-to-door delivery for all orders above 500 dirhams

Best value for money

The best wholesale price with the best possible quality

Easy Payment

Easy payment options; you can pay in cash, a bank transfer or through all available electronic payment methods.

All you need at one store

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for your orders in more than one place; WaredB2B allows you to order everything your business needs from one place with ease

Buy by Piece or Bulk

You can now buy all the products you need in bulk without being restricted to a certain quantity, which allows you to diversify the products offered in your store / pharmacy.

To whom our services are provided?

Clinics & Medical Centers

cafes & restaurants


Why Should You Use WaredB2B?

Your pharmacy backup and supplies at your finger click, choose from different categories and get all supplies in 24hr.max and pay cash on delivery or by credit card

Secure & Fast

Our e-services provide you with the highest levels of security and speed.

Simple & Easy

Whether you use the app or the website to shop, you will have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Reward System

Rewards program means more savings the more you shop; by getting points every time you order through the website or app.

Rich of Choices

Various options of products of all categories to suit the needs of your business.

What we achevied after only two months?

1000+ Orders

1000+ Active Clients

1 Month Earlier than we planned