Who we are?

Tulip Line is a general trading company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, its activity is concentrated in United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tulip Line seeks to expand its activities to include all the countries of the Arab Gulf and the Middle East region.


Tulip line started its activity in 2018. In 2021, the company decided to expand its activity to include a very wide range of products covering all the needs of retail stores and services (grocery, supermarket and cafeteria).

To keep pace with the rapid changes in the market and business sector’s need, especially small and medium enterprises, for financial and logistical support commensurate with their capabilities and daily needs. Tulip Line offers, through its website and e-commerce application, innovative online solutions that meet the needs of retail sector of individuals, companies and establishments.


To be the leading company in the field of retail trade and supporting business sector from small and medium enterprises in the Gulf and the Middle East. Through innovative electronic market that provides creative solutions to real problems faced by the target group in the development and continuation of their business. Especially, after the great damage happened to small and medium enterprises during the last two years, which threatened the continuity of its presence in the market.



At Tulip Line, we seek to build a strong and continuous relationship with our customers based on mutual benefit and continuous support, which contributes to achieving the interests of all parties and maintaining this relationship and the trust of our customers that we have gained through our commitment to transparency and integrity in our business dealings.


At Tulip Line, we provide a large variety of products and services, as well as logistical support according to the highest standards to ensure that establishments get their daily needs of the various commodities available in our waredb2b online market at the lowest costs and the fastest delivery method that satisfies our customers.


At Tulip Line, we are committed to keep our services of financing and logistical support to suit all business sectors in the easiest possible way, and develop these methods to suit the reality imposed by international and local changes.

How waredb2b supports your business?

Whether you own a grocery or cafeteria, waredb2b provides everything the facility needs without the need to communicate with more than one supplier. You will find everything you need in waredb2b at the easiest and most effective way in saving time, effort and money, in addition to providing easy financing and payment services. All you have to do is visit the application and we are pleased to offer our free logistics services to your facility on a daily basis.
Everything you need to develop your business at your hands; all you have to do is register and visit our website, or download the application to benefit from all this and more.


We are an international team who aspires to become the leader of e-commerce solutions, we share the passion for business & technologies. Our mission is to take your business to the next level

Moh Kazkaz

Mohammad Maizer Abdulrahman Kazkaz

General Manager

Lama Dabbeet

Eng.Lama Dabbeet

Technical Project Manager

Khaled AbdElnasser Basha

Eng.Khaled Basha

Manager of IT & Security

What we achevied after only two months?

1000+ Orders

1000+ Active Clients

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